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Why Invest in TPV

Global Reach TPV has manufacturing sites in China, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Argentina. These strategic locations enable the Group to supply customers domestically while taking advantage of the low cost base, tax and various incentives provided by various local governments.
Economies of Scale With its large production volume, TPV enjoys scale benefits and more bargaining power in procurement compared to its peers.
Stable PC Monitor Business
and Growing TV Business
While PC monitor segment generates a stable income, revenue of TV business has been rising rapidly at a CAGR of 4.5% in 2010-2015.
ODM/OBM Business Strategy TPV's two-pronged business model broadens market reach and allows more efficient utilization of resources.
Strategic Cooperation TPV forms joint ventures with key components makers to secure stable supply and enhance cost structure.
Future Growth Rising outsourcing trend in TV segment and product innovations will continue to spur business opportunities. TPV‘s strong emphasis in R&D would allow the Group to keep up with the fast-changing technological needs.
Philips’ exclusive trademark
The Group is licensed to sell Philips brand TV worldwide, with the exception of India, United States, Canada, Mexico and certain countries in South America. Separately, the Group is licensed to sell Philips brand monitor globally. Philips' strong brand recognition, R&D capabilities and innovative products would further seal TPV’s strong foothold in the display market.